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"An open hearted, joyous spirited, wittily created feast of sounds."


Our fun and enchanting musical stories were developed with Wonderful Beast Theatre Company as touring productions. They are made for dancing to – and now they are available to enjoy at home, in the car or anywhere else!


Orla and the Sun

Orla and the Sun


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‘Why are you always following me?’ Orla asks the Sun. It’s the beginning of a fantastical adventure in which the world transforms in front of her eyes. This joyful musical story, narrated by storyteller Baden Prince, invites children on a journey that dances through a paradise of sun-rays, a forest and a silver pond as Orla discovers that, like all things we love to play with, when the sun eventually does go away she longs for its return.

Orla's Moon

Orla's Moon


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Orla, like many children, has an endless fascination with the moon. When she asks the moon “who are you?” she begins a playful adventure with her dog Silver as they explore a nighttime world of changing seasons. Featuring lush musical textures from voices, singing bowls and tongue drum, Orla’s Moon invites even the youngest children into a musical story, warmly narrated by actor Cleo Sylvestre.

What our audiences say

"Utterly compelling."

"Refreshing to have such a beautiful alternative to nursery rhymes!"

"Completely different to anything else on offer."

"It was beautiful and rich beyond measure. In this world of rush and noise, it was gentle and magical and spoke to the soul and the spirit."

"The Music was absolutely beautiful, it made me cry a lot. Happily!"

"Lovely, great. MORE, MORE, MORE!!"

"Very soothing and creative."

"He spent the afternoon listening to the songs. Huge thank you!"

"It's absolutely amazing! We've listened to the songs 4 times since we saw the performance yesterday - she just loves the beautiful sounds and voices!"

"2 year old has just fallen asleep to the songs!"

"My 2 year old daughter loved it & enjoyed singing along to your songs in the car."

"Amazing, beautiful music and great story."

"Fantastic! Very emotional in a positive way."

About us

Lead by composer/guitarist Jack Ross and writer/director Zoë Palmer, Shining Cat creates fun, rich and engaging musical stories for children and their adults. Our award-winning work has been performed to thousands of children across the UK and internationally.

A percentage of our sales will go to support the work of Wonderful Beast Theatre Company, Spitalfields Music and The Royal London Hospital.


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